Amigo and Mom

Wild Bill & Amigo

Wild Bill & Amigo

My mother was afraid of horses, or maybe more accurately, uneasy around them. After all, they are large and my mother barely made it to five feet, so it seemed natural that she would avoid getting to close to Amigo. A safe distance was behind Continue reading

The Crow Hunt (a Wild Bill and Amigo story)

Wild Bill & Amigo

Wild Bill & Amigo

One of my favorite past times, as a kid of sixteen, was crow hunting. I used to spend hours following flocks of crows, trying to get close enough to shoot one. Back then, flocks of two or three hundred crows were not uncommon. Continue reading

Adventures of Wild Bill and Terry the Dog

Wild Bill & Amigo

Wild Bill & Amigo

Terry the Dog, who was part Doberman and part Shepard, was brought up in Newark, New Jersey. When I first met him, I was about fifteen or sixteen and he was about two years old and needed a new home because he had out grown his old home and outstayed his welcome. Continue reading

Sad Day in our Household

Copper, Jan. 2013

Copper, Jan. 2013


Sue here.  Just a quick comment.

Copper our beloved dog and family pet died unexpectedly Sunday. She was 14 years old and we’ve had her since she was weaned at 6 weeks.

It is amazing how one misses tripping over the dog in the kitchen.  (She was always right underfoot waiting for a “goodie” or some tasty morsel to fall on the floor.)  Bill misses her “help” feeding the horses.  She eagerly went with him daily to the barn.

She was truly a part of the family and will be sorely missed.  Unfortunately, I don’t have any current (ie. digital) pictures I can post.  All the older non-digital ones are hanging in collages on the wall!

The whole family is a bit devastated, but the blogs will continue later in the week.

Young Copper

Young Copper


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Wild Bill

Wild Bill & Amigo

Wild Bill & Amigo

Somehow in my early teen years I acquired the nick name of Wild Bill. I’m not sure how or why because I was a quiet, well mannered young man who tried hard to stay out of trouble. Continue reading

Introducing Wife and Partner

SueIt’s time I introduced you to Sue; especially since it is through her efforts that I have a web site and a presence on Twitter and Face Book. Actually she is the one who made the published ebook a reality; I just wrote it, she went through all the grief of getting it published. So, Continue reading

Bird Song & Contest!!

Mr. Cardinal

Mr. Cardinal

For the first time this year, I heard bird song this morning on my way out to the barn to take care of the horses. Mr. Cardinal was starting to practice his mating call, but he has a long way to go. You know the old saying, Continue reading

Historical Fiction vs. Romantic Historical Fiction vs. Historical Romance

To me there is a significant difference between the genres of Historical Fiction, Romantic Historical Fiction, and Historical Romance.

A great example of Continue reading

What Makes A Great Historical Romance Novel

There are many “Top Ten” lists on the Internet.  They have some overlap, but they don’t agrree 100% with each other.  I suspect this is reflective of the reviewer’s personal tastes, for example subgenre:

  • Colonial America
  • Pirate
  • Western
  • Regency

You get the idea.  I personally prefer American History, starting with the earliest Colonial America and working my way forward through time.

But, what makes a Great Historical Novel?  Continue reading