Introducing Wife and Partner

SueIt’s time I introduced you to Sue; especially since it is through her efforts that I have a web site and a presence on Twitter and Face Book. Actually she is the one who made the published ebook a reality; I just wrote it, she went through all the grief of getting it published. So, she is also now my agent as well as wife and partner and as of today she is no longer a secret agent. 007 is devastated.

She keeps reminding me that I don’t write enough blogs, so I suggested that she be a guest blogger. So now, don’t be surprised to see her comments and thoughts intermingled with mine. No, I suspect that is wrong, mine will occasionally be intermingled with hers.


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About William Emeny

William grew up in rural upstate New York attending a one room school on the very same unpaved road on which Henry Knox moved cannon from Fort Ticonderoga to Boston. He has a B.S.E.E. from Syracuse University, a passion for electronics, the woods, all things wild and romance novels. It has been his long time dream to write historical fiction. Bill lives with his wife, son, four horses, a dog and whatever else strays by on their 50 acre farm.

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