Hard at Work or Hardly Working?

At Work?

Hard At Work?

My new story was going so well, then all of a sudden, nothing. Maybe it was the nice weather. I would so more rather be outside working on something, than sitting in front of a computer daydreaming. I don’t think it is writers block; I think it is rebellion.

Abby and Michael are staying in his parent’s tavern and have just spent the night bundling. Now they are on their way to retrieve the sawmill parts from the ship docked near by on the Hudson River, and here my daydream stops. Maybe I should go on to something else.

How does one haul saw mill parts, what ever they might be, through a wilderness where no trail exists? How do you make it interesting, entertaining and adventuresome? Help, I need inspiration.

Why Do I Care About the Old Post Road?

Tavern where "Abby" takes place

Tavern where “Abby” takes place

You may wonder why I care about the Old Post Road. There are two reasons. First I lived near the Post Road as a youth and I often road my horse along it on my way to swim in Kinderhook Creek (Jamie’s creek) after chores on a hot summer night. At the time, Continue reading