No More Horses…

All four of our horses have found new homes.  I happy to say that they have all gone to good homes, and Bill & I have the option to go over and ride our “boys” if we choose to.  It really is a good situation, but we miss having them.

So long Sasha, Doc, Louie, and Tootsie!  We miss you.

What’s in Your Back Yard?


A Great Blue Heron!  If you look closely, you can actually see his tongue.  Now we know where the poly wogs came from!  Our fountain is full of them.  The poly wogs eat the algae and keep the water clean, so we are happy

BillTilted Smiley-24x24

Must Sell my Horse — Woe is me…



Woe is me!  My health is not great.  I can no longer adequately take care of, or ride my horses.  I’m really not much help to Bill either.  Alas, we are reluctantly divesting ourselves of our buddies.  I have found a home for Sasha, and have a probable home for Louie, and possibly Doc.  We still need to find a home for Tootsie.

Tootsie is a sweet tempered friendly horse.  She loads and trailers well, and stands for the farrier.  She is very cooperative.  We’ve ridden her on groomed trails and were just getting her used to un-groomed  trails, when I had to stop riding.

She is a 14 year old registered Paso Fino Mare.  She really is gorgeous.

  • Registered Name:  Imagine Farm Bailamos
  • Sire:  Falcon QC
  • Dam: Morning Glory del Maestro

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Here are some more pics:








And here are my other three!

Sasha, Doc & Louie

Sasha, Doc & Louie

Reading for High School English

Photograph by George Grall

Photograph by George Grall

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Introducing Wife and Partner

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Bird Song & Contest!!

Mr. Cardinal

Mr. Cardinal

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