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Did you ever notice that in many romance novels, the hero rescues the damsel in distress?

That’s one of the reasons I like the “Outlander” series by Diana Gabaldon.  Her characters, Claire and Jamie, are partners and take turns rescuing each other.  But since her saga hasn’t yet ended, happily or otherwise, is it a Romance Novel?  Bill’s characters, Sarah and Jamie, are also partners and look out for each other.

Would anyone read a novel where the female rescues the male?  Would he be perceived as weak, and therefore undesirable?  How would the woman be perceived?  Strong, Sexy, and Independent like Ziva in NCIS?  Maybe…

I think it is built into our DNA: women are attracted to “strong” or powerful men, and men have a need to protect their women.  Strong doesn’t have to mean muscles; it can refer to “backbone”, skill, and/or tenacity.  Ever notice how Tony always watches out for Ziva?  And sometimes he does rescue her.

I don’t believe a woman has to be weak.  She can be smart, attractive, independent and self reliant, but still need some occasional help; as Claire and Sarah did in “Outlander” and “Sarah of The Wilderness”.  What do you think?

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Bird Song & Contest!!

Mr. Cardinal

Mr. Cardinal

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What Makes A Great Historical Romance Novel

There are many “Top Ten” lists on the Internet.  They have some overlap, but they don’t agrree 100% with each other.  I suspect this is reflective of the reviewer’s personal tastes, for example subgenre:

  • Colonial America
  • Pirate
  • Western
  • Regency

You get the idea.  I personally prefer American History, starting with the earliest Colonial America and working my way forward through time.

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An Excerpt from “Sarah Of The Wilderness”

Sarah has just found the dugout of a fur trader and is investigating.

The door opened easily as Sarah pushed it gently inward.  Light sprang instantly through the opening chasing away some of the darkness.  There was a pile of furs heaped along one wall; a table and two chairs that were far from being crude and a large fireplace on the far end of the room.  The only sound that Sarah could hear was the sound of her own breathing.   Continue reading