What Makes A Man “Sexy”

ClarkGableJudging by the covers of many romance novels, a sexy man has dark nicely cut hair, a bare shiny chest, 6 pack abs, and tight fitting pants   Of course the “cowboy” stories will  add a cowboy hat to the attire!

Now ladies, we’re not all married to, or in a relationship with a man that looks like he belongs on the cover of a romance novel… I would guess that not many of us are, yet we are still attracted to our mates.

Think of all the various attributes that we may be attracted to.  Some of us really like an attribute while others don’t, beards for example.  Thinking about attributes, I came up with these:

  • Beard, 5 o’clock shadow, clean shaven
  • Long Hair, short hair, bald
  • Light hair, dark hair
  • Chest hair, no chest hair (shiny chest)
  • Tight jeans, loose jeans, a suit, cowboy look
  • Manner of walking: swagger, saunter, no particular gait
  • Tall, short
  • Lithe, muscular, stocky
  • Personality:  too many types to mention

Searching for “sexy men” seemed dangerous.  It just might return porn sites.  A quick  Google for “leading men” yielded this interesting set of images.  They come in all shapes, sizes and personality types.

What attributes are you attracted to?  If you have any other attributes to add to the list, please reply with your ideas.

For the next 2 or 3 weeks, we will be running some “just for fun” polls.

Here is this weeks: