Why Do I Care About the Old Post Road?

Tavern where "Abby" takes place

Tavern where “Abby” takes place

You may wonder why I care about the Old Post Road. There are two reasons. First I lived near the Post Road as a youth and I often road my horse along it on my way to swim in Kinderhook Creek (Jamie’s creek) after chores on a hot summer night. At the time, Continue reading

Historical Fiction vs. Romantic Historical Fiction vs. Historical Romance

To me there is a significant difference between the genres of Historical Fiction, Romantic Historical Fiction, and Historical Romance.

A great example of Continue reading

An Excerpt from “Sarah Of The Wilderness”

Sarah has just found the dugout of a fur trader and is investigating.

The door opened easily as Sarah pushed it gently inward.  Light sprang instantly through the opening chasing away some of the darkness.  There was a pile of furs heaped along one wall; a table and two chairs that were far from being crude and a large fireplace on the far end of the room.  The only sound that Sarah could hear was the sound of her own breathing.   Continue reading